In Memoriam: Kui-Nang Peter Mak



Kuinang Peter Mak, father, husband, gardener, UN official, and former HVWC board member, left this realm on December 21st, 2017.  As Chief of the Energy and Transport Branch of the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development, Peter was admired by his colleagues for his competence, honesty, and passionate dedication to the work of promoting sustainability around the world.  His thirty-three years at the UN informed his broad knowledge and global perspective as much as his immigration experience and his early life in Hong Kong and China.  As a father and husband, Peter was loving, caring, supportive, and devoted.  From the wild turkeys that wandered into his beloved garden and the plants in his home, to the wayward friends of his children and his many relatives near and far, Peter felt compelled to care for all life around him.  Always thoughtful, he appreciated simple things — he found peace reading a newspaper in a coffee shop and solace gazing at the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley. In his life, Peter exceeded his own expectations, had the breadth of human experience, and blessed his friends and family with a kind and generous spirit. He is survived by his wife, Angie, his children, Sophia and Gerry, and his cat, Screwchop. 


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