Whether examining ghost stories, centos, or delving into an extended poetic and photographic report on the Louisiana prison system, the project book allows writers to be hooked by their compulsions.  We’ll look at some recent project books as we explore and interrogate our own preoccupations using visual works of art and other generative techniques. We’ll consider the scope of our particular fixation and its construction into book. Bring an obsession/passion/idea/ question/word/ image and discover your project.


Pamela Hart is writer in residence at the Katonah Museum of Art where she teaches and manages an arts-in-education program. She received a fellowship from the NEA in 2013 to complete a manuscript on the experience of military families after multiple deployments and years at war. She recently received the inaugural Brian Turner Literary Award in poetry and she is poetry editor and mentor at the Afghan Women's Writing Project. Her chapbook, The End of the Body, was published by Toadlily Press and her work has been published in various online and print journals.