Named from the Old Dutch for Sleepy Hollow, the Press was established in 1990 to advance the national and international conversation of poetry and poetics, principally by publishing and supporting the work of emerging poets. Since 1990, Slapering Hol Press (SHP) has published finely crafted poetry anthologies and chapbooks by promising new poets whose work has not yet appeared in book form and has fostered collaborations between new and established authors. SHP, the small press imprint of The Hudson Valley Writers' Center, was founded by poet and editor Margo Taft Stever.


For more than two decades, through publications, readings, and workshops, Slapering Hol Press has featured poets whose diverse themes of survival and hope cross cultures. On a strong foundation of aesthetic quality, Slapering Hol Press has sustained an enduring tradition of discovering new and significant voices in contemporary poetry.


Recent authors published in the Conversation Series have included Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon and Elizabeth Alexander, Amy Lemmon and Denise Duhamel, and Amy M. Clark and Molly Peacock. A chapbook by Brittany Perham and Kim Addonizio is currently in press. Recent winners of the Sanger-Stewart Slapering Hol Press Chapbook Contest are Michele Poulos, Julie Danho, Richard Parisio, and HeidiLynn Nilsson (forthcoming). 


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Some of our chapbooks include:


Seven New Generation African Poets

The Owl Invites Your Silence