Student Showcase

Here we proudly feature students of all ages and in various genres. Many are the product of Susan Hodara‘s memoir class or Beth Hahn‘s students of fiction; some are also featured in the coinciding Student Showcase published monthly in the Hudson Independent newspaper serving our neighboring Rivertowns. Enjoy!


Yahrzeit By Barbara Livenstein

I have always been doubtful, and envious, of people who believe they see signs—signs as omens, signals from other worlds, divine messages. I attribute their experiences to optimism, sadness, religious devotion, weed, or in some cases, mental illness. My religious...

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Walking Through Covid by Linda Puner

  My New Balance Expert Precision walking stick and I met two years ago, after I chipped two front teeth on a stale bagel. My dental bill was $14,700. To protect my investment, I walk with Expert Precision ­– I call her EP – on challenging terrains.   That’s...

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