Student Showcase

Here we proudly feature students of all ages and in various genres. Many are the product of Susan Hodara's memoir class or Beth Hahn's students of fiction; some are also featured in the coinciding Student Showcase published monthly in the Hudson Independent newspaper serving our neighboring Rivertowns. Enjoy!


Thanksgiving Dinner by Brooke McKamy Beebe

Confessions of a Firebug by Russ Harris

An Early Lie by Pamela Furth

Fall 1966: The Cool and Groovy Look by Bonni Brodnick

Mila is Coming Home by Lynne Reitman

The Date by Eric Odynocki

Silence by Victoria Drozdov

Maui by Karen Zlotnick

I Got Nothing! by Susan Barocas

Christmas Miracle at a Kiosk by Nathalie “Nan” Ernst