Student Showcase

Here we proudly feature students of all ages and in various genres. Many are the product of Susan Hodara‘s memoir class or Beth Hahn‘s students of fiction; some are also featured in the coinciding Student Showcase published monthly in the Hudson Independent newspaper serving our neighboring Rivertowns. Enjoy!


An Early Lie by Pamela Furth

e sat in a semicircle in the gym listening to Mr. Miller. It was our first class of the year. As 4th graders, he told us, we would now change clothing for gym, and take a shower after class. Soon we were standing in two lines, boys on one side of...

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The Date by Eric Odynocki

obert’s stomach growled.  He realized he hadn’t eaten since eleven o’clock.  The idea of heating up some instant noodles for dinner for the fifth time that week was less than appealing.  Washing dishes even less so.  Then it dawned on Robert that...

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Silence by Victoria Drozdov

ucy felt the chill and thought to dress warmer for her next walk. She entered the last street before the river and stood on the leaf-piled ledge overlooking the city. She’d already started to expect the perpetual overcast clouds that bathed...

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Maui by Karen Zlotnick

nce Giselle had a chance to reflect on this moment, she realized that seventh period prep wasn’t an ideal time to see something upsetting, as she had two more classes to teach afterwards. When she’d spotted her retired ex-husband in his Pepto-pink...

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