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Diving Deep / Explorations in Memoir & Creative Nonfiction a Master Class with Mindy Lewis (via Zoom)

Philipse Manor Station, Sleepy Hollow, NY

Imagine a duck gliding across a pristine lake, following the currents, nibbling at specks on the surface. Suddenly, it dives down, disappearing from view, and resurfaces minutes later to resume its journey. Join me and fellow writers on a shared journey to dive deep down to explore the essential themes of your life's stories that […]


Everything Changes: Eco-poetry and the Climate Crisis with Jared Beloff (via Zoom)

Philipse Manor Station, Sleepy Hollow, NY

What are your feelings about the climate crisis? How does this affect your understanding of the world? What is nature when everything seems unnatural? How do we process this peculiar anxiety and grief productively? This generative writing workshop led by Jared Beloff, the author of Who Will Cradle Your Head, will attempt to answer these […]

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“Who Is ‘Nature’?” A Generative Master Class with D. Nurkse in person at HVWC

Philipse Manor Station, Sleepy Hollow, NY

A generation ago, Bertold Brecht claimed that to talk about a tree was a betrayal because it was to be silent about injustice. Now a "nature" poem cuts to our survival and the most intimate meanings of justice. We will look at poems that see "nature" from radically different angles --the Biblical view that we […]