• Teaching there is a dream for a poet. Interesting, talented people find their way to the Writers Center.

    Suzanne Cleary
  • Carla’s class was among the best writing classes I’ve taken over the course of many years. Her combination of instruction, exercises and inspiring materials provided one of the most worthwhile classroom experiences I’d had in a long time.  She was a lovely person, her materials were fresh and relevant, and her comments were most helpful. Thank you!

    Harley April
  • This class far exceeded my expectations. Participating in the workshop has actually changed my life and I am well on my way to writing my first play. Bill is so encouraging that you leave class and can’t wait to start writing. Thank you to HVWC for offering this class to the community!

    Kitty Schwartz
  • I see measurable growth. It feels safe.

    Sandra Summer-Parks
  • Memoir’s vulnerable subject matter requires a sensitive critique while still fully addressing the writing issues. I find Susan masterful.

    Joanne Arledge
  • When I first started Susan Hodara’s memoir class, I thought I knew what I wanted to write about. Through the writing process and insights from Susan and the other writers, over many weeks, I realized that my story was really about something else-a difficult chapter in my early childhood. That was the beginning of my memoir. I would not have had the courage to explore this terrain without the support, encouragement and feedback from Susan and the thoughtful and talented writers that she attracts to HVWC.

    Amy Reyer
  • We gather with the common purpose to help ourselves and each other to hone our writing projects.

  • Enjoyed the individual focus and the extremely supportive criticism.

    Roxanne Cardona
  • The class offers an extremely supportive creative environment but also pushes experienced writers to produce their best work.

    Paula Ristuccia
  • It’s like going to the gym AND church for your brain.

  • Peter’s course is better than an MFA in writing.

    Beverly Tobin
  • Peter is the best out there if you are looking to improve your writing. He is always kind but never satisfied until you get to higher and higher levels of ability. He has a kind of genius — this ability to sense where you might want to go and yet not to push you there or even really suggest it. I have noticed that all of my workshop members have become much better — really good — writers after working with Peter for a year or two. Highly recommend to serious writers!

  • This class has become a central part of my life.

    Carolyn Martin
  • Teaching and reading at HVWC is not only a joy, but a light—the enthusiasm of others is contagious.    

    Kate Knapp Johnson
  • Reading and teaching in the Philipse Manor space is like being part of a site-specific literary art installation. Inside the restored railway station, there’s a kind of emotional locomotion that takes place as poets share work, steps away from passing passenger cars we watch as they gently hum by. The Hudson Valley Writers Center supports poets and cultivates an educated audience of poetry lovers, both engaged and engaging!

    Elaine Sexton
  • Taking classes at HVWC has been like getting a mini-MFA with excellent teachers, fascinating guest lecturers and a warm and supportive community.


    Kathleen Williamson